Family Resource Networks (FRNs) have existed in the state of West Virginia since the early 1990s. Since this time, FRNs have been faced with numerous challenges and changes that have affected the way they function and operate. However, FRNs have remained constant in their work to address needs and service gaps, in their local communities, by developing innovative projects and providing necessary resources for the area. Currently, 47 FRNs serve each of West Virginia’s 55 counties. (Click here to access a list of all FRNs.)

FRNs can have a wide and varied scope of work, and often choose to focus efforts on the issues most pressing and relevant to their local service area. FRNs do not provide direct services but rather work collaboratively with partner agencies to implement and support new or existing programs or projects. All FRNs are tasked with the same primary objectives, however, they have flexibility in how they choose to address and meet these objectives. This flexibility in function serves FRNs well by allowing them to be responsive to the needs and opportunities of their communities and residents.

Some examples of FRNs’ primary work areas include: substance abuse prevention, community development, early childhood programs, child abuse prevention, economic development, foster care placement, resource development, and food or non-food essentials assistance. These are only a small sampling of the many diverse efforts in which FRNs may be engaged. How they choose to address these issues can also vary greatly; one FRN may choose to address food insecurity by implementing a weekend food backpack program while another works to organize a community garden or food drive. Even though FRNs may have many differences, they all share a commonality: a vision to improve the quality of life for all West Virginians.

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