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The Calhoun County Family Resource Network is a local coalition working to improve services for families and children in Calhoun County.  The Calhoun County Family Resource Network works to assess community needs, develop local plans, promote changes, evaluate results, and assist agencies in improving the service delivery system.  Calhoun Family Resource Network received its Non-profit status in September 2000. 


FRN has a wide and varied scope of work and often chose to focus efforts on the issues most pressing and relevant at the time.  FRNs do not provide direct services, but rather work collaboratively with partner agencies to implement and support new or existing programs or projects.  Additionally, FRN is often involved in assessing, planning, and coordinating efforts related to resources or services in the community. 


  1. Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Prevention and Intervention efforts.
  2. Child and Family Safety Prevention and Wellbeing
  3. Economic and Poverty Prevention Efforts.


  1. Car Seat Install and Inspection Center: The FRN partners with WV Governors Safety Program to inspect and install car seats. 
  2. Gabriel Project Baby Pantry: We provide baby supplies: diapers, wipes, baby wash and lotions to families that express a need.  We also have pack n plays for reduced cost.
  3. Calhoun County Community Baby Resource and Safety Fair: The FRN partners with local agencies to provide an information, resources and referrals for infants and toddlers.
  4. Substance Abuse Prevention and Education: The FRN does evidence based programs, various adult trainings, materials and online resources.
  5. Health and Safety Fairs and/or Awareness Activities: The FRN does numerous health and safety fairs, which include Alzheimer Awareness 5K and Bras across the Bridge and various awareness activities monthly.  We also provide health, safety and awareness information online.  
  6. Grantsville Thrift Store: We accept donations from the community and provide low cost clothing, houseware items and furniture to the community. 
  7. Food or Non-Food Essentials: Calhoun FRN partners and promotes Grantsville Farmers Market, CRI Food Bank and the 1st Baptist Church Food Pantry and Back Pack Program. 
  8. Silver Lining Boxes – Food assistance boxes for low income seniors over 62.


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